HONOR Earbuds 2 Lite Wireless Earphones In-ear Headphones Headset Earbuds Active Noise Cancellation for Smartphone Discount Code – Exclusive 69% OFF

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Main Features


Long Lasting Battery Life
Active Noise Cancellation
AI Noise Reduction in Voice Calls
10mm High Quality Sound Driver
Awareness Mode

All Day Pure Music

32 Hours Battery I Active Noise Cancelling
Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation

Cut Down the Noise from Inside and Outside
AI Noise Reduction in Voice Calls

Each earbud is equipped with two microphones designed by narrow slit pipes and programmed by AI neural network algorithm. It can effectively reduce the influence of wind noise, intelligently identify and effectively pick up the human voice, making every word in the call clear

“Awareness Mode!”

Easily turn on “awareness mode” by pressing and holding the earbud. Without taking off the earbud, you can hear the ambient sound, making the face-to-face communication more comfortable and enjoyable

32 Hours Long Battery Life

Stuff a high-energy-density large-capacity battery into a small body and adopt a low-power design scheme to achieve a long battery life. Disable active noise cancellation and use a charging case so that the total battery life reaches up to 32 hours, enabling you to listen to music without worrying about the battery life.

Music Playback for 10 Hours

Listen to music for up to 10 hours on a single charge. Enjoy yourself with the music.
Charge 10 Minutes, Enjoy for 4 Hours
Open the Case and Connect

After being opened, selected mobile phone can automatically find the earbuds and quickly pairs them. You can open it for subsequent use and put them on to listen. At the same time, the battery condition of the earbuds and charging case are displayed in the pop-up dialog box
Enjoy Game Freely with Low Latency

When playing a game on a mobile phone, enter the low-latency gaming mode to reduce the latency of Bluetooth transmission and ensure sound synchronization.
Feel Free to Listen as Soon as You ??ouch It

Both earbuds have built-in capacitive touch sensors, which can be used to play or
talk or set up noise reduction by tapping or holding the earbud, making the interaction more convenient.
Compact and Exquisite Design

The charging case is compact and exquisite in design, and comfortable to hold it in your hand.
Fit into the Ear with “Zero-touch”

HONOR Earbuds 2 Lite uses 3D bionic ergonomic design, making the wearing stable but more comfortable.

With a weight at 5.5 grams for a single earbud, you can not feel a thing in your ear.
With M Ear Tips Dimensions:
37.5mm x 23.9mm x 21mm
Charging Case Dimensions:
45.5mm x 61.2mm x 25.35mm
Single earbuds Weight: About 5.5g
Charging Case Weight: About 41g

Compact and exquisite case design
3 different sizes of ear tips
Fit and comfortable in-ear design

Earbuds capacity: 55 mAh (minimum value)
Charging case capacity: 410 mAh (minimum value)
Battery type: Lithium-ion battery

USB Type-C port (5V/1A)

Bluetooth 5.2, backward compatible


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